Light Mind: How Mindfulness can Enhance your Daily Life

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It is as though all the powers of your mind and the secrets of the universe start to become available to you. You will grow in strength in these gifts so long as you seek them for service to your fellow man rather than for selfish, material ends. You can divide any amount of time into these 4 segments. I usually meditate for about 20 minutes during the week and for minutes on the weekend. On a 20 minute session might look like this: Preparation 3 minutes , Repetition 7 minutes , Receptivity 7 minutes , and Closing Down 3 minutes.

First, find a quiet place, close your eyes, focus on slowing down your breathing by taking four long, deep, slow breaths, and then imagine white or golden light starting in your left foot slowly moving up through the entire left side of your body and then down your right. Third, you stop the repetition of your word or phrase and just move into a state of quiet, receptive observation, just noticing any thoughts, feelings or physical sensations that arise in your consciousness.

Fourth, spend a few minutes imagining yourself surrounded by a spotlight or sphere of white light. After a minute or two of that spend the remaining minute or two visualizing your life goals as already achieved. The thought of learning how to meditate can be intimidating to some beginners as there are several types of meditation, such as Mindfulness, Concentration Transcendental, Kundalini, Qi Gong, Zazen and Vipassana… but new practitioners should not get lost in complicated details.

Whatever you are experiencing is fine.

Meditation is a daily discipline that you practice for years, but the benefits are so profound. When you first start, a few minutes is plenty. Over time you will find that you will want to meditate longer.

It is a natural progression. I usually set the timer on my iPhone for 20 minutes. Eventually, you will notice these instructions become second nature and your mind will be easier to calm by using the exercises. Be sure to focus on your breath and the sensations of inner peace and relaxation will follow closely. Try it for yourself. Get into a comfortable position and focus on your breath.

Stretching: 9 Benefits, Plus Safety Tips and How to Start

You can focus your mind on one of your personal affirmations. Another way to calm the mind is by visualizing a peaceful scene such as clouds floating by or the waves on a windy lake growing calmer and calmer. Start by doing this for at least 5 minutes every day, then build on the amount of time you spend meditating, and in a few weeks, reassess how you feel mentally and physically.

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Due to its simple nature, the proven psychological benefits will gradually grow stronger and stronger, improving your emotional and mental health with every session. As a result, you will make room for more success in your life by removing mental clutter that weighs down your cycle of completion. If you would like to start practicing meditation, then I strongly encourage you to download this 4-Step Meditation Guide pdf. It will help you understand the techniques used to reduce stress, overcome anxiety, clear your mind and listen to your intuition so you can tackle any challenge in life with clarity and ease.

For over 40 years, he has been teaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, and people from all walks of life how to create the life they desire. As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul r series, he's taught millions of individuals his modernized formulas for success, and has trained and certified over 2, students to teach his content and methodology in countries around the world. Thank you for the download and I will begin studying it as soon as it arrives. I think the music is just fine… deadlock:. Hi Jack! Can you please let me know how far I am in becoming expert in meditating.

The Best Mindfulness Books of

And can you please tell me what to do next? Thanks and best regards.

Hello, JChris! It sounds to me like you are having success with your meditation practice. It takes many people a long time to tune into the energy surrounding their body. The next step is to examine your thoughts during your meditation practice.

Are you able to direct your thoughts internally and focus on your breath, or do your thoughts tend drift off to tasks you need to accomplish and random happenings? I think a next great step for you is to create a personal affirmation to repeat periodically throughout your practice! I need this desperately. My life is falling apart right now in so many ways.

And I am stuck. I need this a lot. Hi Steve, You need to start thinking positive. See what you have written. Just know that you have the power to change your situation, the first step being to change your outlook.

Free 7 Days of Mindfulness Course

Meditation will help you channel your thoughts in a positive direction and tap into your intuition. I will be sending positive thoughts your way. Best of luck! Thank you Jack. I love doing meditations but I practice this from time to time. Lack of discipline takes me away from my success. You are very welcome! I too feel my heart rate increase when I have an undeniably clear visualization of my goals. Continue your practice and success will follow.

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Dhyan -Dharana-Samadhi in that order he has prescribed. Dhyan means concentration on one particular thing or a chant Dharna means continuation of concentration on that particular chant or object. And if you achieve Dharna for longer time continuously that is The Samadhi. Thank you, Mr. This was a very great read; will help us in many ways. Bought and read it completely three years ago. Thanks for all you and your friend Tony Robbins are doing to increase the quality of life for people across the world.

Will ask a favour from you, Mr. Thank you Mr. Wish me LUCK. This is wonderful. This takes me back to something I practiced earlier and did wonders. Great work done by you…! Hi Niranjan. I try to meditate when I feel I need to take moments to myself and reflect. Have you tried meditating, Rosario? Jack, you always continue to amaze me at how often you bring me a message I need just at the right time. Every time I truly need support, you seem to be there with words of encouragement.

God knows I needed this today. Thank you again and again. Always love your info, but music in background very off-putting and way too loud.

Thanks for all you do. Hi Jack I always love to listen to you. I wish I could clone you and bring you to Portland. Be fully present in the moment with your experience. Our culture is one of business, effort, deadlines, striving and achieving. Physically slowing down helps us to mentally slow down.